The history of our Dunlop company – 1888 – 1922

timeIt began in Belfast, Ireland, in 1888, with a suggestion that for life altered the way the world trips. The roadway has led from the racetracks of Europe to America’s most advanced tire-making labs. The trip has been impressive. Take a look, and see how we came to a tire brand like nothing else.

1888 John Boyd Dunlop’s child is battling to ride his tricycle. He is riding it since he has a hefty cold, for which a medical professional has actually recommended an extremely uncommon treatment: cycling. To earn the kid’s flight a lot more comfortable, Boyd fits his tricycle with tires made from canvas bound with liquid rubber. Boyd licenses what turns out to be a huge suggestion.

1889 Cyclist Willie Hume is the first to adopt Boyd’s innovation for racing, winning a multitude of occasions. It’s the beginning of Dunlop’s fabulous run of racing success.
1902 Dunlop wins the difficult Paris-Vienna race.
1922 Initial Dunlop tire using steel rods and canvas case gives triple the life span of various other tires utilized up until after that